Skylanders Concept Dump!

I’ve added 30+ concepts to the Skylanders album. Still so many concepts left to share (get approved by legal) — but for now, please to enjoy these additions:

Late Fees from the Spell Punk Library

Early development from the land of the Spell Punks — this was the main gate:

Birth of the Sky Eater

Here’s the first concept I created for the Sky Eater:

In the Belly of BattleBrawl Island

Place yer bets!

Slobber Tooth in Hell

Or maybe it’s the Fire Zone…

Cloudbreather’s Crag Initial Concept

Here we see the basic idea that drove the conversation; the “Wouldn’t it be cool if we…” kind of concept:

Cloudbreather Backbone Architecture

More quickies from the Crag:

The Shell Shack

A house on a hill:

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!

Sometimes it starts as a paintover, and ends up completely new:

Tangerine Dreams

We painted lots of clouds…