Character Design

Modern Magic :: Character Concepts

Playing with some character style and modernizing magic. I thought these would fit into something like a gesture-based wizard’s duel game.

An Ocean View :: Environment Concept

A little sea diddy – designed to give a relaxed gaming experience:

Sound Bombing :: Character Quickies

Some random designs — for yo pleasahh!

Frog and Toad are Friends :: Bathing Suit

“Frog and Toad are Friends” has had a lasting impact on me; stories I loved as a child hold even more to appreciate as I share them with my kids. I’ve been revisiting a series of nostalgic themes to illustrate and knew I must include these stories. Though many of […]

Portrait Commission

I forgot to post this portrait I did of an old friend’s sweetheart for his birthday. Then I remembered.

Fresh Sketches!

Added an assemblage of accumulated doodles:

Mo’ Moblins :: Character Exploration

Enemy exploration for Project Z: Context:

Octorok Around the Clock

Enemy exploration for Project Z: Context:

Skylanders Concept Dump!

I’ve added 30+ concepts to the Skylanders album. Still so many concepts left to share (get approved by legal) — but for now, please to enjoy these additions:

Concept! Live Stream Today on Twitch

Twitch Time! Get the kids in bed, then join me with your vice of choice. I’ll be sketching Live in Photoshop and entertaining you with answers, anecdotes and expletives. @9:30PM EST