Modern Magic :: Character Concepts

Playing with some character style and modernizing magic. I thought these would fit into something like a gesture-based wizard’s duel game.

An Ocean View :: Environment Concept

A little sea diddy – designed to give a relaxed gaming experience:

Sound Bombing :: Character Quickies

Some random designs — for yo pleasahh!

Fresh Sketches!

Added an assemblage of accumulated doodles:

Fresh Environment Concept!

I’ve been doing a whole lot of streaming and sketching lately, but not much finishing/posting. Ack! Let’s fix that.

Mo’ Moblins :: Character Exploration

Enemy exploration for Project Z: Context:

Octorok Around the Clock

Enemy exploration for Project Z: Context:

Meeting Doodle: Master Olds

Quickie of the infamous Steven Olds reviewing some artwork:

Skylanders Concept Dump!

I’ve added 30+ concepts to the Skylanders album. Still so many concepts left to share (get approved by legal) — but for now, please to enjoy these additions: