Darknut :: Color Study

Here’s my “final” on Darknut (Spoiler Alert: Nothing is ever final). This took longer than I’d like, but I was tinkering with the rendering style which will be extended to other characters. This reminds me, I never like designing the main character first on a project. The player’s character is […]


Great Swamp :: Color Sketch

This was an early color sketch from when I was using “A Link to the Past” as my project template. Since then I’ve decided create a “new” game, leaning on legacy characters and lore from across all the Zelda titles. This location is no longer in the project but I […]


What is Project Z?

I figure I need to give some context to some of the work I’ve recently posted and what you’ll be seeing more of soon. Here’s a brief run down:


Darknut :: Exploration Sketches

Here are a series of roughs for this enemy. In this stage, I’m looking for a wide variety of designs within the criteria quickly, so I try to resist being fussy with details while doing them.  I focus on the salient features and forms and avoid color.* I’m drawing large […]